Round 2: The Pandemic Round โ€“ 20 points

1. Why is a coronavirus called a coronavirus?
Because under the microscope it has a spike that looks like a crown (corona).

2. What does Covid 19 stand for?
Corona Virus Disease 2019

3. The Government has an advisory committee called SAGE. What does SAGE stand for?
Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies

4. The new coronavirus has a full official name. What is it?

5. The new virus is thought to have originated from what creature?

6. In which Chinese City did the virus first appear?

7. The PM missed five COBRA meetings before lockdown started. What does COBRA stand for?
Cabinet Office Briefing Room A

8. Before the lockdown started, the PM said that the best advice the government could give was to do what?
Wash your hands

9. What song did the Government want you to sing twice whilst performing a critical task?
Happy Birthday

10. What date did the first lockdown officially start?
From the 23rd March 2020

11. What was the slogan they produced at this time?
Stay at home - Protect the NHS โ€“ Save Lives

12. On 11th of May the slogan changed. To what?
Stay Alert - Control the virus - Save lives

13. The Prince of Wales opened a new hospital in London on 3rd of April, built in a hurry to cope with Covid cases. What is it called?
NHS Nightingale

14. Where did Dominic Cummings famously go whilst breaking lockdown?
Barnard Castle

15. What reason did he give as his reason?
To test his eyesight

16. WHO is responsible for global public health. What does WHO stand for?
World Health Organisation

17. When was the great plague of London?
1665 โ€“ 1666

18. Which major event helped end the great plague?
The great fire of London

19. During the plague, people used a nosegay. What is a nosegay?
A fragrant posy of flowers

And the final question:

20. Who will be the next Prime Minister?

Your guess as good as ours ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

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