Round 1: The Trump Round – 10 points

  1. Trump has a golf resort in Florida. What is it called? Mar-a-Lago
  2. Trump´s son in law is his advisor. What is his name? Jared Kushner
  3. How many business bankruptcies has Trump filed for so far in his business career? 6
  4. In which Irish County does Trump own a golf course? County Clare (the golf course is called Doonbeg)
  5. During a live press conference In April, Trump asked if two unproven treatments could cure Covid-19. What are they? Bleach and UV light (you need both to get 1 point)
  6. What is the name of Trump´s top advisor on the pandemic, who serves as the director of the National Institute of Infectious diseases? Dr Anthony Fauci
  7. Trump owns a famous building in New York which serves as his business HQ. What is it called? Trump Tower
  8. Trump owns a beauty pageant: What is it called? Miss Universe
  9. What is the name of the adult video actress who sued Trump? Stormy Daniels
  10. What kind of documents are US prosecutors trying to force Trump to publish in full? Tax Returns
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