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Labour Business' Role

Labour Business is the leading society for progressives interested in business, finance and enterprise. As a democratic membership organisation and policy forum, we help foster debates and contributions from experts in the fields of enterprise and finance to assist in Labour party policy making, providing advice to local CLPs and business societies and fostering networks between people from across the sectors and welcoming new members who are just starting their careers and businesses to network and build relations across a national business society and wider Labour party.

As well as convening policy groups, Labour Business is branching out, taking its networks and ideas to the people of Britain, providing our members with value for money as well as lending a helping hand to businesses and communities in need of support of networking, advice and policy engagement.

Labour Business is the home for progressives who want to help shape the future of our financial and enterprise sectors. Whether you're a senior director or chief executive or a graduate trainee or aspiring start up entrepreneur, we want to hear from you.

Labour Business' values

The financial sector is key to sustaining this vision for the UK economy to lend to SMEs to create wealth, employment and generate tax revenues to keep the nation's finances afloat.

Finance and industry is the ultimate source of funding for all government activity, enabling us to look after the health and welfare of our society, creating a bastion of widespread opportunity.  It is through the enterprise that we will be able to clean up our act, to reduce our pollution and recycle our waste.  It is through enterprise that we will go on to greater things to improve the quality of life in making new scientific discoveries, medical improvements and new creative ideas to offer the rest of the world.

Nevertheless, government can still play an important role.  We atLabour Business believe that it is the role of government to manage markets to create the right environment to foster sustainable wealth creation, job opportunities and consumer protection.

We believe intervention is the best way to ensure that good firms are protected from the unfair competition of those who would cut corners and undercut prices and encouraging people to be entrepreneurial, innovative and imaginative, with firms being profitable, efficient and innovative.  They need to be world leaders in their field by putting research and development into the new products and services that people abroad want to buy, being producing competitive and quality products.

JoinLabour Business, because Labour means business!

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