Labour Business Manifesto for Local Government Elections 2022


When Labour Business was approached by Hackney Labour Group with an invitation to collaborate with them in creating a business manifesto for the forthcoming local elections in May 2022, we jumped at the opportunity.   Labour Business – founded by Harold Wilson in 1972 and now one of the Labour Party’s 21 affiliated socialist societies - exists to support the Party in developing its pro-business, pro-worker agenda, and there is no more important arena for that agenda to be delivered than in local government, which is why we responded so positively to Hackney Labour Group’s invitation.   

This document is the result of that collaboration.

Just to be clear, however, this is not Hackney Labour Group’s actual manifesto – that is a separate document which they have produced and will present to their electors under their own banner.   Rather, it is a template of themes and topics which Labour Groups up and down the country might wish to use as they develop their own manifestos.  It could stand alone as a “business manifesto” or it could form a “business policies” chapter of a larger manifesto.  It draws upon the invaluable inputs from Hackney Labour Group, but the policies in it are not necessarily the policies of Hackney Labour Group, and Labour Business is solely responsible for its content and any errors.

Many people have contributed to this document.   In particular, we would like to acknowledge the essential contributions of Hackney Major Philip Glanville and Deputy Mayor Guy Nicolson.   A full list of acknowledgments appears at the end of the document.

We hope that Labour Groups contesting elections in May 2022 will find material in this document that will assist them in making the case to their electorates that Labour has the best policies for delivering an inclusive and sustainable local economy – a local economy that supports local businesses, helping them provide good jobs, build and retain community wealth, and achieve a just transition to our net zero targets.   That’s what we mean by “making business work” for your local community.

Hamish Sandison

Chair, Labour Business  

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Labour Business Manifesto for Local Government Elections 2022
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