Chair: Peter Kenyon

Vice Chair: Eleni Chalmers

The International Policy Group focuses on the following topics:

  • To monitor the implementation of Brexit by the Tory Government and provide regular feedback to LB members and the Labour front bench
  • Survey LB member opinion about future global trade, economic, protections and financial relations
  • To monitor the positions of the Labour Leadership as compared with LB member priorities and advise the EC accordingly
  • To make the case for the closest possible alignment of the UK with the EU on economic policy, business regulations, workers’ rights, consumer and environmental protection, as well as the closest possible collaboration on science, trade sector bodies, education and research, free movement and the mutual protection of EU citizenship in the UK and the EU, subject to LB member requirements

In so doing, to build an evidence base for re-joining the EU when circumstances permit.

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International Policy Group
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