London, 8 March 2019 – The Conservative government’s reckless abandonment of British business since Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 offers Labour an opportunity to displace the Tories as the natural party of business, according to Labour Business, the Party’s business affiliate.

Writing to Jeremy Corbyn in a letter sent earlier today, Labour Business Chair Hamish Sandison welcomed the fact that the Labour Leader had brought the public vote option into play, and commented: “Labour Party members in businesses – small, medium and large, up and down the country – have direct experience of jobs and investment being lost ever since the Conservatives triggered Article 50 and mishandled the ensuing negotiations. We should be broadcasting that very loudly.”

Labour Business called on Corbyn to reduce the uncertainties for business, jobs and investment as soon as possible. Sandison reminded Corbyn: “In a survey conducted in early January 2019 in which 49% of our members participated, an overwhelming majority voted to Remain. At the same time, revoking Article 50 immediately was preferred by twice as many of our members (8/10) as Common Market 2.0 (4/10). In the event of any more shenanigans on the part of the Prime Minister, that revocation option may be the only way to bring this deeply shameful episode in the country’s political history to an end.”

Labour Business – the Labour Party’s only affiliated business membership organisation – supports an EU Remain/Transform agenda. It is currently working with the Party’s Front Bench to establish criteria for what a “Responsible Business” looks like for inclusion in Labour’s next election manifesto. It sees that work as part of a painful process of rebuilding the UK’s credibility as a platform for Corbyn to put international socialist values into practice across Europe.

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Letter to Jeremy Corbyn:

Press Release: Corbyn urged to back business in latest Brexit tussle
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