Full article by Sienna Rodgers on Labour List here.

Over 40 Labour donors and long-standing members have written to Jeremy Corbyn demanding that he “back a public vote without further delay”.

The letter, sent to the Labour leader today, warns that “time is dangerously short” and “the current deadlock is slowly but surely wrecking the economy”.

Citing Theresa May’s “dismal record as a negotiator” and “propensity to put party before country”, the party donors say they could not trust her to deliver the right Brexit result – even if parliament were to vote for Labour’s alternative Brexit plan.

Many of the signatories are members of Labour’s Rose Network, and the list includes some who have donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Labour Party.

Click for the full article and the letter to Jeremy Corbyn in full. 

Letter to Jeremy Corbyn to back a people’s vote endorsed by Hamish Sandison, Chair of Labour Business
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