We asked the candidates: How will you bust the myth that Labour is anti-business?

Hamish Sandison, LFIG Chair
Hamish Sandison, LFIG Chair

The Labour Finance and Industry Group (LFIG) has asked the Leadership and Deputy Leadership candidates how they will "bust the myth that Labour is an anti-business party".

It’s clear to our members, and from subsequent polling, that Labour was perceived to be an anti-business party at the General Election, and that this perception contributed to our defeat. This remains a burning issue that the Party must tackle head on. That's why LFIG has asked the candidates to explain how they will turn around that perception. The statements we have published below are essential reading for all those voting in the leadership elections, and for all those in the wider business community who want to know where Labour is heading on this crucial issue.

LFIG is not going to endorse any candidate, and we look forward to working with the winning candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader, whoever they are. To win the next election, our common task over the next 5 years will be to develop the relationships, the policies, and the language to reinforce Labour's commitment to a pro-business agenda - in favour of jobs, sustainable economic growth and wider prosperity for all. The publication of these statements is the first step on that journey.

LFIG Chair Hamish Sandison, 8 August 2015

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