Devised by business experts, the Labour Business: Policies for London” report sets out detailed policies for London ranging from a shared ownership housing scheme for employers and employees to an innovation challenge fund for London’s outer boroughs.   The report also calls for a network of London apprenticeship agencies, and argues for the expansion of Gatwick Airport as part of a coherent airport strategy.


Introducing the report, Labour Business/LFIG Chairman Hamish Sandison said:   “We endorse Sadiq Khan’s candidacy and his unashamedly pro-business campaign.   We believe that he is better placed than any other candidate to build on London’s position as the world’s foremost city for business.   These are our policy proposals, not his; but we urge him to take them on board.   They are designed not only to make London a more prosperous city by promoting enterprise and wealth creation but also to make London a fairer city for those who live and work in it.”

Labour Business (LFIG) publishes London Business Policies
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