LFIG Fringe at Labour Party Conference 2015

Date & Time Tuesday 29th September 2015, 17:30 to 19:30

Venue GB1 Terrace, The Grand Hotel

Sponsors Labour Finance & Industry Group (LFIG)

Chair Philip Ross

Speaker Toby Perkins MP

Member of Parliament for Chesterfield

Additional Speakers & Special Guests to be announced nearer the time

Small Business making the difference

It is predicted that by 2017 the number of people working for themselves will out number those in the public sector. While some of these will be well paid jobs, others will be low paid, giving rise to a new class of workers – the precariat. Often living in private rented accommodation and also working for themselves they enjoy none of the benefits of organised labour that were won in the last century and face a future of unstable living and insecure work.

How can the labour movement, in the guise of the cooperatives, unions and party come together to give protection to these workers, help them to organise and share their resources while recognising that they are in business on their own? Can Labour provide them with a political voice?

Join Us for Our Fringe at Labour Party Conference
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