Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has thrown his weight behind an ambitious campaign to win over business support for Labour.

In a video message to Labour Business members, he says Labour’s economic strategy is aimed at delivering a fairer, more prosperous country and this is based on the understanding that “the creation of wealth is a collective endeavour between workers, entrepreneurs, investors and government.”

Here he is pictured alongside the Labour Business Chair Hamish Sandison.

Jeremy Corbyn MP and Hamish Sandison are making Labour the natural party of Business

Message from Jeremy Corbyn

"I’m sorry I can’t be with you today.

I would like to send warmest thanks to everyone in Labour Business and to your energetic chair, Hamish Sandison, for everything you do to carry Labour’s message to the business community.

It has been an extraordinary year.

The advances Labour made at the election show that Labour’s manifesto and our policies resonated with people from every background, every region, every generation and every walk of life.

Right at the center of that vision is our economic strategy to deliver a fairer, more prosperous country.

A strategy based on the understanding that the creation of wealth is a collective endeavour between workers, entrepreneurs, investors and government. And on the principle that each contributes and each must share fairly in the rewards.

For too long the Conservatives have got away with the false claim that they are “the party of business.”

The truth is they have failed business and failed the economy. Seven years in office and they have delivered: falling investment, falling productivity and falling living standards.

We know, like all good business people know, that in order to grow it is necessary to invest. And that our country has been starved of investment for years.

But it’s not just about what the next Labour Government would do. There are many examples of great businesses out there which work with Labour values at their core.

We need to identify and involve those businesses, celebrate best practice where we find it because it’s only by working together that we will create the kind of economy we want.

I look forward to working with you alongside our Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and our Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey to keep spreading the word that Labour is the party that will build a stronger and fairer economy for the workforce, for the country and for business."

-- Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Opposition

Jeremy Corbyn’s message of support to Labour Business
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