Hamish Sandison, Chair of Labour Business

The voice of businesses that support Labour’s manifesto.
(Hamish Sandison is not a candidate in the General Election)

Short Bio:

Hamish Sandison is a lawyer, business consultant and social entrepreneur.   He chairs Labour Business, the Labour Party’s affiliated business group.

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Thank you notes from the media:

The Editor of “Wake up to money” wrote: “thank you for doing the interview full stop. It was really really good. I thought you talked about the subject in a really informative and enthusiastic manner in a way I wish all our guests would. It was a real pleasure to have you on and hope we can speak to you more in future.”

Labour Business Profile:

Labour Business is affiliated to, but independent of, the Labour Party.   Its 100s of members, and 1000s of contacts, are critical friends of the Labour Party.   They represent all sizes, and all sectors, of the business community across the UK.

It’s important that the media hear their perspective, and Hamish Sandison can speak for them.

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More on Labour Business:

Labour Business, formerly the Labour Finance and Industry Group, was founded by Harold Wilson in 1972.   Today, it is one of the 22 socialist societies affiliated to the Labour Party.   As such, it is the oldest, largest and only business membership group affiliated to the Labour Party.

Labour Business is the bridge between the Labour Party and the business community.   It is a voice for the Party within the business community, and a voice for the business community within the Party.   Its mission is to bust the myth that the Tories are the party of business, and to establish Labour as the natural party of business by advocating a partnership between government, businesses and trade unions for a new and more sustainable kind of economic growth.  

 Our activities include business engagement, policy development, media outreach and member events.   We work closely with the Labour Front Bench and Backbenchers in Parliament, with Labour City Mayors, with Labour Councillors and with Labour Party units nationally and regionally on business engagement and policy development.   Our flagship initiative in 2017-18 is to secure the appointment of a Business Liaison Officer (BuLO) to work with the existing Trade Union Liaison Officer (TULO) in every CLP across the country.   We have a federal structure which allows members to participate in our work both nationally and regionally.

Media Contact:

Hamish Sandison
07711 014363


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