Labour Business Member Survey 2019: The Brexit Impasse

Our most recent survey of Labour Business members, conducted between 17th-21st June 2019, shows a correlation between our January 2019 survey (available here) and that our members continue to believe that the Labour Party should adopt a 'remain' approach to Brexit in order to break the impasse that has left our party, politics and country in paralysis since the 2016 Referendum.

Please find our key findings and results below.

Key Findings

  • Members continue to support a clear ’Remain’ policy for Labour.
  • Staying in the EU has consistently been the option that is seen as best for businesses, communities and employees.
  • Among the different processes available to break the impasse, the most favoured process is to simply revoke Article 50 before the October 31st deadline. This is consistent with many businesses seeking an end to uncertainty and is seen as the fastest way to protect our place in the EU.
  • The other two processes which are also appealing are a members ballot where Labour commits to the outcome and a two-way referendum where the choice is between a Brexit option vs Remain.
  • The least favoured option is leaving without a deal or Labour attempting to negotiate a different Brexit deal with the EU.

The graph below shows the results from the 10 questions our members were asked.

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Labour Business Members Survey June 2019: The Brexit Impasse

Labour Business Member Survey June 2019: The Brexit Impasse
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