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Dear Members,

This year, there are no contests for Chair, Treasurer or Secretary. There are no nominations for Vice-Chair posts.

You are only requested to vote for the 7 Executive Committee positions.

You will have received your ballot by email, including a unique member key that will allow you to vote here. Please find the supporting statements of the candidates below the voting form.


You have received your key in your Labour Business email invitation. If you have any issue, please get in touch with If the key isn’t recognised, your vote will be invalidated.

You may vote for up to 7 Executive Committee members. Your vote will be invalided if you vote for more than 7 candidates, but you may vote for fewer than 7 candidates.

Please put an X in the relevant box to vote for your chosen candidate(s); numbered or preferential votes will not be counted.

— The vote is now closed!


Note: If you are reading this on a phone, depending on the device you might not be able to see the full .pdf properly. You can download here from here.

Download the PDF file .

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