As the centre-left business community comes to terms with the scale of Labour’s defeat, it seems that a new vigour and optimism is returning.
We know how to create jobs and growth. We’ve done it all our lives. And it’s not merely a matter of Labour ‘getting’ business. It’s time for Labour Business to take centre-stage. Labour values are well known across social policy making. It’s no secret that we are the good guys. It’s time for us to address the fundamental value proposition for business.

How can we create high tech jobs and deliver social good at the same time? I believe it’s the sacred duty of all entrepreneurs to co-create wealth for our Country and for our colleagues, their families enabling their hopes and dreams to become reality. 
Enterprise must return to the centre of the Labour platform. It’s not enough to be policy driven. The critical thing is for the Labour Movement to reconnect with our fundamental expertise.

As we approach the elections, we must insist that the leadership of the party, whatever its complexion, recognises the absolute requirement for business policy to come from business leaders. For that reason, we must gather our resources and create an Enterprise Nation which, as a prerequisite, demands excellence in functional education and training.
A tax system which encourages investment in new business and a cultural shift which acknowledges that labour people are the entrepreneurs and co-creators of prosperity for all. 
Phil McCauley is a member of LFIG

Co-creation: the new economic model 
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